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About Us

Snap Founders

Hi, we are Lucas, Sean & Jason the founders of Snap, three people with a passion for food, drink, hospitality and breaking rules.

Snap is a move in a new direction for us, we have three more restaurants in Birmingham, & Nottingham. Beverley is where our business all began and rather than change the Beverley site into part of a bigger brand we wanted to offer a whole new concept that takes into account where we are and what we are about. 

Our aim is to offer the best steak in East Yorkshire, at a reasonable price, as we all LOVE steak and regularly travel the UK and USA looking for the best steak dinner. Life is too short for being serious and most of all we want Snap to be laid back fun, but with hustle and bustle. Come in groups or come for romance. 

Jimi Hendrix Cartoon

Lucas, designs the interior of the restaurants as well as sets the service standard, coming from a career as Maitre D' at the Wolseley on Piccadilly in London, he enjoyed the challenge of seating thousands of diners a week. He also has a passion for interior design, however, his biggest passion is for 'having a nice time' which like a David Beckham type England Captain he leads by example, hopefully, his guests enjoy the ride. Lucas grew up near Stafford and it's alleged he's related to Jimi Hendrix or at least his mother is?

Liverpool v Spurs

Sean, is the operations director and sources all ingredients as well as writes the menus and designs the flow and procedures for the kitchens. Sean enjoys leading a team of chefs and has been setting up kitchens for Rub for 4 years and previously many new sites for Frankie & Bennies.  Although he prefers to be out front enthusing about the food and also having a nice time with the guests. Sean grew up in Hull and started work at Chaplins on Princes' Avenue in Hull when he was 15. Sean is a life long Liverpool fan, however don't mention Spurs as on his 6th birthday his mother bought him a Spurs kit and he was made to wear it all year.

AsAstronautk Lucas about Jason and he will say he is an ex-astronaut! Which is not even nearly true, he worked in the aerospace industry for a while before setting up a corporate catering company that lead to Brownie Heaven, Rub Smokehouse & Snap today. He loves great ingredients and can enthuse about food and wine for hours. Jason grew up in Hornsea, and opened his first food business on Anlaby Common in 2003.

We hope you enjoy Snap our latest creation, it's just a recipe for good times and great tasting simple food. We're concentrating only on the steak to keep the menu simple, reduce waste and ensure a high turnover of ingredients. It will allow us to specialise in the best cooking techniques and amazing fresh flavours. Taking inspiration from local dishes and sourcing only the best dry aged steak from Sykes House Farm Wetherby.

Snap means a bite to eat in Yorkshire dialect, we all know it's never really a bite in Yorkshire it's means a Good Feed.

See Sean, Lucas and Jason in action on their YouTube Channel Doggy Bag Hacks in their fight against food waste.