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Could you BEAT this Challenger's Unlimited Pulled Pork Challenge?

Danny Allen takes on Pulled Pork

Hi I'm Danny Allen, I am a Writer/Director/Producer from East Yorkshire. I have spent a lot of time over the last few months working on several feature films which has been quite time consuming. However a few weeks ago I took some time out to visit my favourite smokehouse and take on Rebels famous #PulledPorkChallenge. I was determined to take it on, and beat the record.

I am used to a challenge, that’s why I chose to be a filmmaker. I had no idea what to expect with the challenge but after experiencing Rebel’s food already I knew it would be delicious. Plate one went down very well, I managed it in 10 minutes. I read somewhere online that the best tactic was to just eat really quickly and not stop. It takes about 20 minutes for your stomach to start to feel full no matter how much you eat.

The second plate was more of a challenge; the worst part was the carbohydrates in the fries. They just take up room and after a while become really dry compared to the pulled pork. I managed this plate a lot slower, took about 25 minutes of forced eating. It was hard, but I managed it, focused fully on the 3rd plate.

I savoured the gap between the 3rd plate arriving, something that I really shouldn’t have done. I had a walk and a drink to try and get a different taste in my mouth, something different than the pulled pork. Then it arrived… another mountain to tackle. It was very hard, I had just had enough of the taste of the pulled pork. I forced my way through half the plate focusing only on the pork and trying several different methods to try and cover the taste, including holding my nose and taking sips of lemonade with each mouthful. I managed half the plate. I couldn’t go any further and had to throw in the towel.

It seems like such an easy challenge… eating that much food is easy, however eating that much of the same food is hard. You just become sick of the taste, if there had been a variation of flavours and tastes I could have probably finished the 3rd plate. I did finish everything off with one of Rebel’s Scotch Creme Egg Brownies which was even more like heaven than normal.

I challenge anybody to beat the challenge; it’s a very tasty endurance challenge.

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#unlimitedpulledpork continues every Tuesday in March including Shrove Tuesday aka Fat Tuesday aka Pancake day. The current target is now 3 plates.

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