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Waffle, Fried Chicken & Fondue Burgers

 This weeks we've been creating new dishes again. Scouring the internet, watching Diners' Drives-ins & Dives, talking food, and finally after a few hours work in the kitchen we came up with the following two delights.

Fried Chicken in WafflesInspired by the Soul Food classic of Chicken and Waffles, we took a whole chicken breast, battered it out and dusted it in seasoned flour and then in buttermilk. Finally  it is dusted in more secretly blended spiced flour and fried until it reaches 82 deg C. Meanwhile we made up a mayonnaise adding maple syrup, French's American mustard and some green spring onion. Served between two Belgian Waffles and 2 rashers of smoked streaky bacon.

Fondue Burger

The second creation was inspired by the breaded Camembert you see as a starter sometime with a chutney. We took a disc of Oak Smoked Cheddar sealed in egg and dusted in breadcrumbs and fried. Meanwhile we barbecued to burgers medium and toasted a brioche roll lathering it in garlic butter. Once cooked we sandwiched all this together add a roasted sweet pepper and sweet red onion with little gem lettuce and thin cut tomato. For some the perfect Fondue burger.

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